Countdown to Christmas 2017 – volunteers and supplies required please!

Countdown to Christmas 2017

Volunteers and supplies required please!

Help and supplies are needed for Countdown to Christmas (Sunday 3rd December.) If you would like to help set up the day before, or during the event, or provide food for the breakfast (bread, fruit, fruit/malt loaves, muffins) please contact Caroline Le Breton or Emily Robins. Alternatively, you can email the Church Office, who will forward your message to them.

If you prefer, there is also a list (that will be in the Parish Church from Sunday 8th October) where you can choose how you are able to help on the day.

This year we will need the following supplies: evergreen foliage, tuna fish tins (or small salmon tins), buttons of any colour or size, wired ribbon (in a Christmas pattern or red, silver or gold). Foliage will not be needed till the week before but a collection point will be in the Parish Church from Sunday 8th October for all other items.

Also, please do start mentioning the date of the event to friends who you think might like to attend.