Sundays Together (thru the year) to replace Fifth Sundays

Sundays Together (throughout the year) to replace Fifth Sundays

On some Sundays during the year, all three congregations have been gathering together to worship God, for a Joint Service. Previously, this has been on the fifth Sunday of the month, which usually occurs about four times a year. Sundays Together now replaces what was known as Fifth Sundays.


Upcoming Sundays Together

12 August | Celebration of Hope: Friends of Ecce Homo (8am Communion; and 10am Parish Church)

The service at 10am is a Sundays Together  Service. Church members from all three congregations are invited to attend a Celebration of Hope Service, with our Mission Partner, Ecce Homo. As this is a Sundays Together Service, there is no 8am Communion Service and no service at St. George’s today.