Harvest Festival and Gift Day at St. George’s Church

Harvest Festival and Gift Day

On Sunday 23rd September, we will be celebrating Harvest. This will also be St. George’s Gift Day.

Once again we will be collecting produce to gift to the work of Grace Trust Jersey and the Friends of Ecce Homo Trust to go out to Romania. The most useful produce to bring are items that can keep for a long time, ideally tinned vegetables, meat, tuna, fruit, rice puddings, custard, pasta sauces and curries. Packet items that are helpful include dried pasta, rice, sugar, salt, cereals, porridge, long-life milk, cooking oil, biscuits and cakes. Please check that all items are within their ‘best before’ dates as we give with generous and grateful hearts.

Finally, thank you to those who are planning to kindly donate and create the beautiful floral arrangements and harvest displays in church.


Coffee and Tea after the Service, in Les Landes School

After the service, there will be tea, coffee and light refreshments in Les Landes School. We warmly invite everyone to join us afterwards.


Les Landes School Harvest Festival, in St. George’s Church

Also, Les Landes School are holding their Harvest Festival in St George’s Church on the morning of Monday 24th September.