Sermon Series: Jesus’ Authority

Sermon Series: Jesus’ Authority

2018 | 29 July – 26 August | Sermon Series: Jesus’ Authority |

This sermon series explores themes of Jesus’ power over nature, demons, illness and death.


Sermon Series: Jesus’ Authority

29 July | Jesus’ Authority (1) Power over Nature

Psalm 107 v.23-30 and Mark 4 v.35-41

5 August | Jesus’ Authority (2) Power over Demons (All Age Service: 9.30am Parish Church; 8am and 11am)

Acts 19 v.11-20 and Mark 5 v.1-20

12 August | Celebration of Hope with Friends of Ecce Homo Trust – Behold the Man | (plus interview with Antoanella Balas) (8am Communion; and 10am Parish Church)

The service at 10am is a Sundays Together Service. Church members from all three congregations are invited to attend a Celebration of Hope Service, with our Mission Partner, Ecce Homo. There is no service at St. George’s today.

Isaiah 53 and Mark 12 v.30-31

19 August | Jesus’ Authority (3) Power over illness

Acts 9 v.32-35 and Mark 5 v.24b-34

26 August | Jesus’ Authority (4) Power over Death

Acts 9 v.36-42 and Mark 5 v.21-23, 35-43