The Bible Course: Tuesdays 4th Sept-23rd October

The Bible Course

The Bible Course | 7.30-9.30pm | Every Tuesday 4th September – 23rd October | The Parish Church

New to the Bible or want to go deeper? The Bible Course is for you. It shows how the key books, famous characters and epic events build One Big Story, from Genesis to Revelation. The course also provides tools and skills that help apply the Bible to everyday life.

The Bible Course is an easy to understand, interactive resource from The Bible Society. It involves watching a teaching series of short videos followed by group discussion. You can find out more about The Bible Course on the Bible Society’s website.

This course has given me a whole new feeling about the Bible. It used to seem inaccessible and dull. But now I have understood the context and background of the Bible, I am a lot more confident to read it for myself.

The Bible Course runs alongside and compliments the Sermon Series: The BIG Bible Story, which started on 2nd September. This Sermon Series will give an overview of the Bible, a ‘big picture’ look, of how the books of the Bible all fit together – ultimately revealing God’s Grand ‘Story-Arc’ and Master Plan for our world and our future.

The Bible Course is at 7.30pm at The Parish Church. It will run over eight Tuesday evenings, from Tuesday 4th September to Tuesday 23rd October. For more information please speak to Ian or contact the Church Office.