The Jersey Prayer Canopy

Jersey Prayer Canopy

For anyone willing to pray for Jersey during one fixed hour each week, please consider joining the Jersey Prayer Canopy which has been running over the last 15 years.

The idea is to have people praying for the island 24/7 or throughout 168 hours, day and night each week. If 168 hours of prayer cover can be managed every week, it means that the island will have achieved a total prayer canopy without leaks! The Jersey Prayer Canopy has links with the Jersey Christian Calendar website.

The original prayer canopy was The M25 Prayer Canopy, which covered the whole of London within the confines of the M25 ring road. An island, lying within the confines of surrounding beaches and cliffs, is a similar but more natural concept.

The Jersey Prayer Canopy is managed by Gill Carter. Gill needs to keep a rota in order that intercessors can keep to the same hour each week (although the Jersey Prayer Canopy is not intended to feel like a strait-jacket!)

If you feel called to this valuable ministry of prayer, please contact Gill Carter via the email given on the Jersey Christian Calendar website (which Gill also manages.)

Alternatively, enquiries about the Jersey Prayer Canopy can be made through John Wileman. Please obtain John’s contact details from the Church Office, if you do not have them.