Sermon Series: Love Unlimited

Sermon Series: Love Unlimited

2019 | 3 February – 17 February | Sermon Series: Love Unlimited 

This sermon series is about the Unlimited Love of Jesus to us all, and how we can show the love of Jesus to others.

The first sermon is about God’s Unlimited Love. The second sermon shows Jesus’ love in His miraculous healing of the paralytic man in Mark’s gospel. The third sermon continues the theme of Jesus’ love for us, in Christ being known as The Good Shepherd.


Sermon Series: Love Unlimited

3 February | Love Unlimited (1) Love Unlimited (All Age Service: 9.30am Parish Church; 8am and 11am)

Luke 10 v. 25-37

10 February | Love Unlimited (2) The Healing of the Paralytic

Hebrews 11 v. 1-6 and Mark 2 v.1-12

17 February | Love Unlimited (3) Jesus, The Good Shepherd

Ezekiel 34 v. 1-16 and John 10 v.11-18