Easter Series: Easter Acts

Easter Series: Easter Acts

2019 | 28 April – 26 May | Easter Series: Easter Acts 

This Easter sermon series explores what we can learn from the early Christian Church in the book of Acts.

The series looks at the themes of Witness, Conversion, Miracles and Growth.


Easter Series: Easter Acts

28 April | Easter Acts (1) Witness

Acts 5 v.27-32 and Luke 24 v.13-27

5 May | Easter Acts (2) Conversion  (All Age Service: 9.30am Parish Church; 8am and 11am)

Acts 9 v.1-20 and Luke 24 v.28-35

12 May | Easter Acts (3) Miracles

Acts 9 v.36-43 and Luke 24 v.36-43

19 May | Celebration of Hope with Friends of Ecce Homo Trust 

We will be joined at all three services today by our friends, Liviu and Antoanella Balas from Ecce Homo.

Jeremiah 5 v.1; Ezekiel 22 v.30 and Luke 29 v.41-44

26 May | Easter Acts (4) Growth

Acts 16 v.9-15 and Luke 24 v.44-49