Riding the Coronacoaster (4) ‘The Examen’

23 August 2020   |   Riding the Coronacoaster (4) ‘The Examen  |

Jeremiah 17 v.7-8 and John 21 v.15-19


Video Message by Revd. Ian Pallent at St. Ouen’s Parish Church, Jersey  |
The theme for this video message is: Riding the Coronacoaster (4) ‘The Examen’

| How Jesus helps us to remain emotionally healthy and spiritually alive, as we daily ride the ‘Coronacoaster’. The practice this week is fusing together ‘The Examen’ with the poem ‘Footprints.’


Here are some Links

Prayer Tool: How to Pray the Examen

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The Poem: Footprints


St. Ouen's Parish Church, Jersey Channel Islands

St. Ouen’s Parish Church, Jersey Channel Islands