The Leprosy Mission: Celebration of Hope

Celebration of Hope with The Leprosy Mission

On Sunday 26th January, we will be joined, at all three services, by Helen Walton from The Leprosy Mission, one of our church’s four Mission Partners. We look forward to hearing about the latest news, needs and prayer requests from our mission partners working for The Leprosy Mission.

Come along and support Helen Walton and the hard working team from The Leprosy Mission! Be encouraged and inspired at the difference our money and prayer has done over the last year.


Jutlen and Helen Walton, from the Leprosy Mission
Jutlen and Helen Walton, from the Leprosy Mission

“Jutlen is an example of a young person who has successfully undergone reconstructive surgery. When you support Jutlen, and others like him at Anandaban Hospital, you help turn lives around. Because of your kindness, Jutlen has found new hope. As he rebuilds his life, please continue to remember Jutlen – as well as other patients and staff at Anandaban Hospital in your prayers.”

Helen Walton, The Leprosy Mission