Help with making Mothering Sunday Flower Posies please! Saturday 21st March

Help with making Mother’s Day Flower Posies please!

Mothering Sunday Flowers | Saturday 21st March | 10-11pm | The Parish Church

We will be gathering on the day before Mothering Sunday (Saturday 21st March) at the Parish Church. From 10-11am we will be making up the flower posies. These are gifts to give out to women during the Mothering Sunday services at all three congregations.

Making the flower posies requires no experience or expertise! The instructions are very easy to follow and all materials are provided. There is always lots of laughter as we meet together and do something practical to demonstrate God’s love for other people.

This is a lovely way of honouring and blessing mothers and all women in our congregations. I hope you can be involved. It should only take about an hour of your time. Less if there are plenty of people to help. This invitation to help is extended to everyone in the church and not just the men. Please let Kate in the office know by Friday 13th March if you can help. Thank you!