A Day with Bob Jackson: Saturday 27th February

A Day with Bob Jackson

We are privileged to have with us this weekend one of the leading experts in how churches of all types grow in the United Kingdom. Before he was ordained, Bob Jackson worked in The Treasury as an economist. After ordination he spent 20 years leading churches into growth in Yorkshire. Subsequently, Bob was involved in ‘Springboard’ the Archbishops’ initiative to mobilise the church for evangelism, before becoming Archdeacon of Walsall in Lichfield Diocese, where he was also responsible for the Diocesan Growth Strategy.

Bob continues to work now as a consultant in semi-retirement and is still actively involved in a number of national networks of The Church of England and Wales. He is a keen and active cricketer, an avid model train enthusiast and is very down to earth. Personally, I have known Bob for nearly 10 years and have found his wisdom invaluable. I think we will be greatly enriched by the time he spends with us.

In order for you to gain the most from his visit, the day will be structured around our congregations, so you won’t need to commit to the full day and more details will follow.