Unfortunately due to Covid, we have had to cancel these groups and meet-ups (below.) But we are looking into how we are going to make changes moving forward.



(Ages 11-18) Youth Groups and Activities (pre-Covid) 

GRID: Youth Group on a Sunday at St. Ouen’s Parish Church

Sundays (pre-Covid)

GRID: Sunday Youth Group (school years 7-13)

GRID is our Sunday morning Youth Group. This group is open to all young people in secondary school years 7-13. However, the 16-18 year olds (school years 11-13) have the option, to join the main congregation, for worship and teaching talks in Church, if they prefer.

GRID begins from 9:45am at St. Ouen’s Youth and Community Centre (YCC.) The youth group runs alongside the 10am Contemporary Worship Service, though GRID is open to any young person from St. George’s Church, if they would like to join their peers, before the 11am Traditional Worship Service. (In this event, individual transport arrangements need to be made beforehand please.)

We start off together for the first 15 minutes, with all the younger children, and enjoy some time socialising, catching up and playing games in the building’s Main Hall. At 10am the youth split from the children as we move upstairs to the Centre’s Youth Room. Here we spend the opening few minutes talking about the last week and what has been happening in the lives of the young people.

From here we move into a time of bible study, with a variety of games, activities and discussion to help us understand what we read in the bible. We look to understand what it would have been like historically at the time the book was written, and what would have been going on in the people’s lives. From here we look at how it impacts us today, and why the bible is relevant for both the leaders and young people. We finish by looking at how we can live out and apply what the passage has taught us in our lives. We have a time praying together, before being transported back to the Church to join the main congregation, at the end of the service.


The Forge. Youth at St. Ouen’s Church


The Forge @ St. Ouen’s Church Youth: (school years 7-13)

We meet fortnightly, every other Wednesday during term time at the parish church from 6:30-8:30pm. For the first hour we start off with a range of games, including cards, team games and generally socialising. This is a great time for the young people to let of steam run around, and to build friendships. For the last hour we move over to our bean bags, to discuss various topics and how the Christian faith responds to them, this can range from current news events, to some of the age old questions, of how can we prove God exists? And why is there suffering in the world? As well as understanding the structure and traditions of the church.

Beach Nights: (school years 7-13)

After the Summer half-term, our fortnightly mid-week youth group, moves to the beach. We join up with other Church Youth Groups to get to know other Christian youth from across the Island, while enjoying Jersey’s weather and environment. We meet on St. Brelades Beach from 6-8pm every Wednesday, right through the holidays until the end of August. We enjoy beach games, socialising and even a dip in the sea. This is a great event to invite friends along to for a fun and positive introduction to church. It’s a great opportunity for our young people to meet and make new friends from other churches.

Mentoring: (school years 7-13)

This is open to all of our young people, and provides them the opportunity to meet up with a leader, in a local coffee shop on a 1-1 basis, and to talk about their lives and their faith, it is very informal and is a great way for young people to get guidance in their Christian walk, and for them to be encouraged. For those that sign up to this we try to meet with each of them at least once per term, but we happily meet more regularly if requested.


Contact Us

If you would like to have more information about our Youth Groups and Activities at St. Ouen’s Parish Church please contact the Rector, via the Church Office.