Global Leadership Summit 2017

Global Leadership Summit 2017

On Friday 13th October and Saturday 14th October, Revd. Ian Pallent and Revd. Paul Brookes will be co-hosting a re-run of the Global Leadership Summit at St. Paul’s Church.

This is a valuable, affordable, island-wide event for all those in either church or secular leadership in Jersey. We will be running the conference from DVDs and including times for discussion and feedback in-between the sessions.

The sessions are designed to inspire leaders to find and follow their grand vision to achieve professional and personal growth. Past delegates have said that this conference has helped them improve teamwork, job satisfaction, productivity and become a better leader.

The heart of the Global Leadership Summit is servant leadership – the cultivation of a skilled humility that harnesses excellence in the service of the greater good.

The Summit sessions offer all of us an opportunity to be equipped and inspired by some of the very best in their fields, so that we may positively impact everyone and everything in our circles of influence. We can learn how to realise the value of integrating all of our resources – spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional and material – not only for our own self-care and professional success, but also receive tools and insights to leading and building up our own church communities.

If you would like to book a place at this conference, please contact Ian.