Helen’s Farewell Lunch: Sunday 19th January

Helen’s Farewell and Thank You Lunch

19 January 2020  |  Bring and Share Lunch for Revd. Helen Gunton  |  12.30pm at The Parish Hall 

There will be a shared lunch on Sunday 19th January, at the Parish Hall, to say farewell and thank you to Helen, our Curate. This is her last Sunday with us before taking up her new position as the new Rector of Grouville Parish.

We will be having our three services as normal, before we meet at 12.30pm at St. Ouen’s Parish Hall. 

A representative from each congregation will coordinate the event, providing a list of food items for people to bring. The 8am coordinator is Rachel Andrews and Sue Crowther is coordinating the 11am. Judith Hopkins is co-ordinator for the 10am congregation. Please speak to them if you are able to bring any food.

Please let either Rachel, Sue or Judith know that you will be coming, so they can get a good idea of numbers.

Come along! I am sure we will want to give Helen a great send-off!