The Alpha Course – starts Wednesday 12th September

The Alpha Course

Curious about Christianity? Want to know more about The Alpha Course? Visit our web page Curious About Christianity for more information and links.

Alpha is all about giving the opportunity for people to explore the Christian faith, ask questions and share their point of view.

Watch the first Alpha video in the Alpha Film Series – for a flavour of the videos we use each week on the course:
Alpha Film Series // Episode 01 // Is There More To Life Than This

Our next Alpha Course at St. Ouens Church will start at 7pm on Wednesday 12th September. Helen and Natalie will be leading this Alpha Course. The venue will be at Natalie’s house.

There is still time to invite anyone before it starts on 12th September! For more information, please contact Revd. Helen Gunton. To register, please contact the Church Office.