Curious about Christianity?


Stay Curious. Try Alpha.

At any stage in our life, we all ask the big questions about life, faith and meaning. This is why at least once a year we run the Alpha Course. (Typically the courses start either in September or January).

What is ‘The Alpha Course’?

The Alpha Course is a chance for those new to faith, or no faith at all, to ask questions and explore the Christian faith in an open and friendly environment. It’s free. There’s food, a short video and an opportunity to ask questions, any questions, or just listen. At our church, ‘The Alpha Course’ takes place across SEVEN CONSECUTIVE Wednesday evenings (7pm-9pm), with the option to attend one extra Saturday, towards the end. It is for our church members to invite their friends and relatives, who are looking to find out more about the Christian faith. It’s usually held at The Rectory.

The next Alpha Course starts in January 2024



Stay Curious. Experience Alpha.

We are starting something new this October called ‘Experience Alpha’

What is ‘Experience Alpha’?

‘Experience Alpha’ is open to EVERYONE in our church who wants to experience what ‘The Alpha Course’ is all about, before they feel comfortable inviting their friends. You may have been a Christian for years, new to Christianity or anything in between. You may still have unanswered questions. Most of us do. You can bring a non-Christian friend with you as a guest. Or come on your own. Either way fine!

How does ‘Experience Alpha’ work?

“Experience Alpha’ takes place across just THREE Wednesday evenings (7pm-9pm) every 3 weeks, over 2-3 months. It’s free. Each session includes food, a short video (20 minutes), and a discussion at the end in smaller groups, where you can share your thoughts, ask questions, or simply listen. No question is out of bounds and you are free to discuss as much or as little as you wish.


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