Mission Partners

As a Church community, we are passionate about partnering with both local and worldwide agencies as they seek to bring the love and hope of Jesus Christ to some of the most marginalised and vulnerable members of society.

At present, we make a considerable financial, prayer and time commitment to focus our support mainly, on our specific Mission Partners. These Christian Missional Agencies are chosen by our Church community. They reflect our heartbeat for local and worldwide Christian mission through evangelism, compassion and justice.

We have a designated Mission Partner Rep, from our congregations, for each Mission Partner. Once a year each Mission Partner presents a “Celebration of Hope” Mission Service to give feedback to the Church.


Our Church Mission Partners are:


Grace Trust Jersey

Grace Trust embraces Christian principles in providing both practical and personal help to some of the most vulnerable and needy in Jersey. Established in 1999, Grace Trust works to bring help to those in need; love and healing to the hurting and sick; comfort to the distressed; hope to the homeless and addicted; and salvation and direction to the lost. It runs its own projects as well as working closely with existing agencies.



Street Pastors Jersey

Street Pastors Jersey made its first patrol in November 2009 and has faithfully patrolled at least once a week since that time. That means in an average year, more than 800 man hours of patrols supported by a similar number of prayer hours from our Prayer Pastors! Street Pastor’s mission continues to be to provide Reassurance, Safety and Support on the streets of St. Helier by Caring, Listening and Helping!




Friends of Ecce Homo Trust

Ecce Homo initiates, funds and actions many invaluable Aid projects, reaching out to hundreds of poor families, elderly and under-privileged children in Romania. They send clothes and essential items over in trailers of Humanitarian aid. The Multifunctional Centre, provides food and help for children and the elderly; and the Social Workers bring the spiritual support of the Gospel into each home. Friendship and prayer underpins all their projects.



The Leprosy Mission

The Leprosy Mission (TLM) strives to overcome the physical, social and psychological effects of leprosy, empowering those affected to attain healing and dignity. TLM supports hospitals and surgeons to provide holistic leprosy care and world class reconstructive surgeries. As followers of Jesus Christ, TLM values compassion, justice, integrity, inclusion and humility. Their vision is to defeat leprosy and to transform lives.



To be appointed

To complete our local and worldwide commitment to mission across all areas of Christian evangelism, compassion and justice – the Church is looking to develop links with a fifth Christian mission partner, which works globally with the persecuted church with an Gospel emphasis. To be a Mission Partner, the organisation must commit to present a Sunday Service once a year, here in Jersey, and also have a congregational volunteer as their Mission Partner Rep. Contact The Rector direct if you would like to be considered.



Our Mission Friends

As a Church, we also give additional financial support (to a lesser extent) to two other Christian mission organisations, as part of our commitment to local and worldwide mission through evangelism, compassion and justice. Our Church Mission Friends are:

CAP (Christians Against Poverty) Jersey   |   Living Hope  (formerly Freedom for Life Ministries)



Christmas Mission Appeal

Over recent times, we have made an additional seasonal offering to bless those in need by giving away the offerings we receive from all our special Christmas Services to a chosen cause fighting either local or global poverty and injustice.




Church Mission Reps

Church Mission Reps are regular church members from any of our three congregations, who act as the church’s link between its Mission Partners and Mission Friends. From time to time, they give feedback and points for prayer to the church. The Mission Partner Reps for our four strategic Mission Partners, also help organise an annual “Celebration of Hope” Mission Service with the visiting Mission Partners.

Church Mission Reps can usually be contacted through their organisation’s websites. Alternatively, their contact details (if necessary) can be obtained via the Church Office: Tel. (01534) 485686

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