Prayer, Care, Share

As a Church, we believe that life transformation happens best when we follow intentional practices in community together. In recent times, we have been committed to following simple daily and weekly practices that reflect:


Our love for God through Prayer

One way this can be followed is by the acronym PRAY

  1. Praise: Reading one of the Psalms in the Bible or creating a YouTube or Spotify playlist of Christian worship songs
  2. Repent: Praying the Jesus Prayer, “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner”
  3. Ask: Bringing the issues on our heart through the prayer, “Lord give me longing to pray to You”
  4. Yield: Praying with open hands, “Your kingdom come, your will be done in my life”


Our love for Each Other through Care

One way this can be followed is by the acronym CARE

  1. Connect: Sharing a meal with some members of our community every two weeks.
  2. Appreciate: Writing a card to a member of our community thanking them for where they serve.
  3. Remember: Looking out for those who you don’t know and those absent from our community.
  4. Encourage: Building up another member of our community in their faith in God


Our love for People (who don’t know Jesus) through Share

One way this can be followed is by the acronym SHARE

  1. Story: Being able to share the story of why and how you became a follower of Jesus Christ
  2. Host: Being proactive in welcoming those who you don’t know in our community
  3. Alpha: Inviting a friend or family member to explore life, faith and meaning through the basics of the Christian faith
  4. Reason: Knowing what you believe and why about the Good News of Jesus Christ
  5. Evangelise: Using words and actions to tell those who don’t know Jesus Christ why it is the best decision they will ever make to follow Him


Revd. Ian Pallent


Prayer, Care, Share