New Bibles for Church: to be dedicated Sunday 2nd September

New Bibles

The new Bibles for both churches will be dedicated at all three Sunday Services on 2nd September.

The translation we will be using from this date is the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV). While no Bible translation is perfect, there are a number of reasons why the NRSV has been chosen, including:

•  The choice of a ‘formative’ word for word translation as against a ‘functional’ one
•  Balancing public reading with private study
•  Stylistic and inclusive language reasons
•  The version which is authorised by the Church of England

The Bibles have been part funded by a grant from Jersey Church School Society. In addition, we will be purchasing two new Lectern Bibles costing approx. £400 each. If you are interested in gifting or making a contribution to one of these Lectern Bibles as a one-off gift (perhaps in memory of someone), or you would like to know more information about the translation chosen, please contact Ian.