Potential Re-ordering of St. Ouen’s Parish Church: Provisional Timetable

Potential Re-ordering of the Parish Church

At present work is being undertaken on the Parishioner Information Leaflet which will be circulated to every household in St. Ouen giving details about the potential re-ordering of St. Ouen’s Parish Church. We hope to complete this exercise by 31st January. Final details will then be given about the exact date of the Ecclesiastical Assembly.

Provisional Timetable

  1. By 31st January: Final version of the Parishioner Information Leaflet agreed by Re-ordering Sub Group
  2. By 5th February: Final version of the Parishioner Information Leaflet approved by The Rector and The Surveillants
  3. By 21st February: Parishioner Information Leaflet printed and circulated to every household. (We are hoping that this distribution will be undertaken by church members.)

If the above timescale is maintained, the Ecclesiastical Assembly will be within twenty-one days of 21st February 2018.