Private Facebook Group created by Kate: Regular Current Church Members only please

Private Facebook Group created by Kate – Help and Support during the Coronavirus Pandemic

St. Ouen’s Parish Church with St. George – Regular Current Church Members only

Kate Wyatt has set up a Private Facebook Group – for regular current church members only (from all three congregations) who like to use Facebook. This is to create a private space for sharing and to encourage one another. Please note that at this stage, sorry no friends or wider family of church members encouraged to join – as it is just a safe and confidential space designed for all our current (or very recent) regular church members.

There are rules of confidentiality that Kate has put in place, that you need to agree to please, before she will let you join. This includes please no sharing of posts or comments outside of the group without their permission. Or inviting or joining friends yourself. We are not trying to be secretive and cliquey – its just that Kate feels perhaps having a more private space is helpful for those who understandably only like to post and share with our own church family – and not the general public or wider island.

Of course we will still have our public facing Facebook page. Please feel free and we encourage you to post, share and comment on these public pages too (its looking a bit in need of some posts!!) – but be aware that you are representing our church in Christ in St. Ouen. I know this is a difficult time for all of us – but please try to be positive, and encouraging – but its OK to be real too. There is much uncertainty and fear in the world – lets keep strong and encourage others through this! This will eventually pass and we will get through this and get through stronger.

Take care everyone – and don’t forget to keep phoning those not on Facebook too!!


An invitation from Kate to all Church Members

Dear friends

A Facebook members group for those regularly worshipping with us has been created so that we can encourage, support and stay connected with each other in these difficult times. This is only one of many ways we will be building our church community so please don’t worry if you are not on Facebook.

Ian will update you upon his return but do get in contact if you have any questions.

Best wishes

Kate Wyatt
Church Administrator


How to join St. Ouen’s Church Members Facebook Page

You can email Kate directly to ask to join, or simply request to join the group from the public facing Facebook Page too in the usual way. Please could all requests to join go through Kate. Thank you.