“Rendez-vous Particulière: Potatoes from Egypt”

“Rendez-vous Particulière: Potatoes from Egypt”

Through empty farms, Norman staircases, a milk separator and the portents of a turning tide

On Saturday 18th May at 7pm, Welsh performance artist and storyteller Rowan O’Neill will present a “Rendez-vous Particulière” at St. Ouen’s Parish Hall, together with a local choir, a Jersey cow and a milk separator.

Rowan O’Neill is the current international artist in residence with The Morning Boat and ArtHouse Jersey.

During her residency Rowan has explored some of the demographic, cultural and economic changes that rural Jersey has experienced over the past century, during which time the number of active farms has fallen from over 1000 to under 100. Tours of empty or converted farmhouses and encounters with farmers and former farmers, politicians, historians and residents, have resulted in an event that weaves together the past and the present, Jerriais, Welsh and English, while touching on how Rowan’s own experiences, growing up and living in rural Wales, resonate with the island of Jersey.

The event, combining song, performance, storytelling and milk production, is described as:

“Part Young Farmer’s concert; part Island Eisteddfod; not quite a curate’s egg; but certainly a Jersey wonder!”

The event is presented by The Morning Boat and produced by ArtHouse Jersey, with support from Wales Arts International and the One Foundation. Tickets are free. To reserve a place email: morningboat@arts.je

Come along on Saturday 18th May, 7pm at St Ouen’s Parish Hall!