Sea Sunday: Abandonment

22 July 2018   |   Sea Sunday: Abandonment   |


Psalm 139 and Mark 6 v.1-13


|  Sermon by St. Ouen’s Methodist’s Minister, Revd. Christine Legge at Grève de Lecq, Jersey


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St. Ouen's Parish Church, Jersey Channel Islands
St. Ouen’s Parish Church, Jersey Channel Islands


Sermon: Sea Sunday: Abandonment

2018 | 22 July | Sermon: Sea Sunday: Abandonment 

Blessing of the Boats

Sea Sunday 2018 is on Sunday 22nd July, 10:30am at Grève de Lecq, where we have our annual blessing of the boats. This is a Joint Service for all our three congregations. We are joined as usual by our friends from St. Ouen’s Methodist Church and St. Mary’s Church.

The collection as usual is for The Mission to Seafarers. Sea Sunday is a special opportunity for us to remember and say prayers for the 1.5 million brave men and women who go to work at sea to make sure we receive our essential items. These brave men and women are called seafarers and they work in dangerous and lonely conditions, often not seeing their families for months at a time. The Mission to Seafarers is here to support and care for seafarers around the world.


22 July | Sea Sunday: Abandonment

Psalm 139 and Mark 6 v.1-13