The Biblical Prophets (1) ‘Truly, Madly, Deeply’

14 June 2020   |   The Biblical Prophets (1) ‘Truly, Madly, Deeply’   |


Deuteronomy 30 v.15-20 and Jeremiah 31 v.31-34


|  Video Message by Revd. Ian Pallent at St. Ouen’s Parish Church, Jersey  |

The Mosaic covenant, was central to everything written by the Old Testament prophets. The prophets repeated message was to call the Israelites to be faithful to the loving faithfulness of God. This message is explored in the light of issues surfacing in our Covid-19 world and the call of the New Covenant upon Christians today. This message leaves us with two important questions:

  1. What have you gained during lockdown and want to keep, to help you choose ‘life with God?’
  2. What have you lost during lockdown and shouldn’t take back, because it distracts you from choosing ‘life with God?’


St. Ouen's Parish Church, Jersey Channel Islands
St. Ouen’s Parish Church, Jersey Channel Islands


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