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We gather as three congregations, spreading across two church buildings – namely The Parish Church of St. Ouen and our daughter church, St. George’s Church. Together we are called The Parish Church of St. Ouen with St. George.


St. Ouens Parish Church

St. Ouen’s Parish Church, Jersey


St. Ouen’s Parish Church, La Ville de l’ Eglise, St. Ouen JE3 2LR


St. Ouen’s Church is situated in the historical heart of St. Ouens, near St. Ouen’s Manor. The main entrance to the church faces onto the road called La Ville de l’Eglise. The carpark at the back is sign-posted and situated off La Ville de l’Eglise, along Rue de la Cour. Coming into St Ouen from St. Peters, along La Grande Route de St. Ouen – take sharp left after St. Ouens Manor along Rue du Manoir.  This leads into La Ville de L’Eglise, bear right along to the church car park at the back.

“The Parish Church is beautifully situated on the crest of a hill overlooking the Atlantic. Down the slope from the church, towards the golden sands, is one of the finest dune areas in Europe, Les Mielles, and the largest freshwater lake in the Channel Islands, La Mare au Seigneur. This is an area where wildlife, stunning views and glorious sunsets are abundant. The church, with its rugged granite buttresses weathered by Atlantic storms, can be clearly seen from most parts of this picturesque setting of St.Ouen’s Bay.” 
An extract from the booklet ‘A History of Saint Ouen’s Church’  by John Wileman.



St. George’s Church

St. Georges Church, Jersey


St. George’s Church, La Rue des Cosnets, St. Ouen, Jersey JE3 2BW


St. George’s Church is located in the north-west side of the Parish of St. Ouen, next door to Les Landes Primary School. St. George’s Church is situated on the corner of Rue des Cosnets and Rue du Nord. On Sundays, there is a convenient car park, with ample parking spaces, in Les Landes School playground. In addition there are a small number of car parking spaces and “drop-off” points around the church building. St. Georges has full disability access.

St. George’s Church is a beautiful building, with a flurry of cherry blossoms flanking both sides in Spring. The interior has a traditional feel to it and is most famous for its Carols by Candlelight service which takes place in the run up to Christmas every year. St. Georges is the daughter church of The Parish Church of St. Ouen. It’s original purpose, was to be built for the convenience of the inhabitants residing at a distance from the Parish Church. Today it’s purpose is to be a Mission Church to the surrounding community it serves, and the wider parish. St. George’s Church was first licensed as a consecrated place of worship in 1880. Though, the building as we see it today, with its nave and tower, was not completed until 1918.



St. Ouens Youth and Community Centre (YCC)

St. Ouen’s Youth and Community Centre (YCC)


St. Ouen’s Youth and Community Centre, La Grande Route de St Ouen, St. Ouen, Jersey JE3 2HY


St. Ouen’s Youth and Community Centre (YCC) is found next door to St. Ouens Parish Hall, on La Grande Route de St. Ouen. This area is known as St. Ouen’s village. There is drop-off points and limited parking at the YCC, or parking a very short distance away.

The YCC is also where the Church Office is located. The YCC is also the venue for Wednesday Fellowship Afternoon Tea.


The Church Office hours are:

Monday: 10:00 – 14:00

Tuesday: 10:00 – 14:00

Wednesday: 10:00 – 14:00

Thursday: CLOSED

Friday: 10:00 – 14:00


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