St. George’s Church Meetings: Key Dates

St. George’s Church Meetings: Key Dates

Please would all those concerned make a note of the following key dates of three important St. George’s Church Meetings to be held in January and February.


Thursday 18th January: St. George’s Church Club Meeting

The next St. George’s Church Club meeting is on Thursday 18th January at 7:45pm at Jean and Jenny Le Maistre’s house.


Wednesday 24th January: St. George’s Church Committee Meeting

The next Church Committee Meeting is on Wednesday 24th January at 7:30pm at The Rectory. We will continue discussing the Mission Action Plan.


Wednesday 7th February: St. George’s Church Congregation Meeting

There will be a Congregation Meeting on Wednesday 7th February at 7:30pm at St. George’s Church to discuss and approve the Trustees’ decision regarding the future position of the Font. The Trustees are The Rector, The Dean and the two Surveillants.