Staying Connected – Help and Support during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Staying Connected – Help and Support during the Covid Pandemic

St. Ouen’s Parish Church with St. George

Due to the coronavirus we have sadly cancelled all our services, meet-ups, groups and activities. News Posts (with posted dates before 14th March) on this website remain unedited and are now out of date.

As you know, due to Covid-19, we sadly have cancelled all our 3 Sunday Services – but we are meeting all together (via Zoom) at 10am!

Keep an eye on this website, as well as email and facebook. We will be posting news, updates and messages on this new website. Important: The old church website address ( ) will be unavailable in a few weeks. If you have bookmarked the old church website, please change it to the correct new website address:


Contact Us

Please know that you can always phone Ian anytime on 481800 or email:

If you need help with anything in a practical way, in prayer or just a friendly chat please know you can phone or email at any time. The Church Office (normally open Monday – Friday 9am till 12 noon) is closed, but you can email Kate as usual.

Email St. Ouen’s Church Office:
Telephone St. Ouen’s Church Office:  485686 (office hours: Mon-Fri  9am-12 noon)


St. Ouen’s Parish Community Support Team – Supporting the Vulnerable and Self-Isolating

If you (or anyone you know) lives in St. Ouen and are vulnerable and self-isolating you can also contact Alison Batho at St. Ouen’s Parish Hall. Alison is organising St. Ouen’s Parish Community Support Team. This is a dedicated team of volunteers that will do your shopping, pick up your prescriptions and bring them direct to your door. Maybe you have a dog that needs walking. Please do not hesitate to contact St. Ouen’s Parish Hall either by phone or email with your shopping list or request for assistance.

Email St. Ouen’s Parish Hall:
Telephone St. Ouen’s Parish Hall:  481619

Are you able to help? This team of volunteers is being co-ordinated by Judith Hopkins. If you are able to help or volunteer in any way please contact Judith (contact details via the Church Office) or Alison (contact St. Ouen’s Parish Hall.)