SOCKS: Children’s Sunday Groups at St. Ouen’s Parish Church (New Venue for Winter Arrangements)

S.O.C.Ks (St. Ouen’s Church Kids)

Children’s Sunday Groups at St. Ouen’s Parish Church (Primary School Children)

New Venue for Winter Arrangements

Previously, every Sunday (apart from the 1st Sunday of the month) our primary school children met at the YCC (St. Ouen’s Youth and Community Centre) from 9:45am. After their group activities, the children were transported back to Church, by the Leaders and Helpers, to rejoin their families for the end of the service.

From 13th October to 24th November (inclusive) – SOCKs will meet at St. Ouen’s Parish Hall to join the 10:00am Service, and then move to the YCC.

So, SOCKs (for children aged 3-11) on a Sunday morning is now run from St. Ouen’s Parish Hall during the 10:00am Service, joining with the congregation for worship and then moving to the Youth and Community Centre for separate activities.


9.30am All-Age Service (with 9.30am Breakfast)

Every first Sunday of the month, all the children meet at 9.30am, for breakfast and an All-Age Service, at St. Ouen’s Parish Church. A breakfast of croissants and hot chocolate is served from 9.30am. The service starts at 10am.