Youth Beach Nights at St. Brelades Bay (Summer Only)


Youth Beach Nights at St. Brelades, 6pm-8pm

After Summer half-term, St Ouen’s Youth Group moves from Sally and Sam’s house to the beach. We join together with other Church Youth Groups in the Island, such as St. Pauls, St. Marks, St. Matts and Freedom Youth. Beach sports, swimming, and hanging out. Youth Beach Nights will run after Summer half-term and through the Summer holidays too.

We meet on the beach at St. Brelades, opposite the Crab Shack, at 6pm. Pick up please at 8pm. Your parents will need to sign a permission slip, with your contact details on first. Please, when bringing friends (who are not already in a youth club) they need to have done this beforehand, otherwise sorry they will not be allowed to stay. Thanks!