Under 3’s Children’s Ministry at St. Ouen’s Parish Church – news update

The SWAMP (Sunday Worship and Morning Praise)

Under 3’s – new tent in the Fellowship Area

As a growing church family, we are also growing in the number of babies and under 3’s in our church family. We wish to facilitate an excellent Under 3’s Ministry, so we will be using a tent in the Fellowship Area in the Parish Church to develop this ministry. We want to be a church who welcomes young children and families. We have been blessed by a number of new families with babies and young pre-schools starting to come to church. Moving last year from the YCC to a space on site (however limited) for this young age group has contributed to this.

Emily has put up a tent which will act as a welcoming space for our Under 3’s and make them feel at home. I hope you will understand, that as the tent is quite complicated to keep putting up and down, it will be left set up during the week. We will try and tidy the toys, and hide them behind the tent as best as possible, but because we have no storage, some toys will have to remain on show during the week. Of course, this tent will be taken down and the toys will be transported off the church premises, each time for weddings and funerals. We realise this is a huge time-consuming excercise, but as we have no dedicated, contained children’s space and storage, we will have to make do as best we can. Thank you Emily for doing this, and working hard to try and find a solution for our lively Under 3’s on a Sunday!

If you have any questions or concerns about this, then please do speak to Ian.