Baptism, Marriage and Burial Registers

We are often asked for information from historical death registers and burial records at St. Ouen’s Parish Church, from those wanting to know about their family history. Especially burial records of where past relatives have been exactly buried. Also Baptism and Marriage Registers, that record when services took place at St. Ouen’s Parish Church.

Currently the Rector has access to the following Registers and Records:
  1. Baptism Registers from the 1920s onwards
  2. Marriage Registers from 2018 onwards
  3. Burial Registers from the 1860s onwards

If you wish to seek information from these registers and records, in the first instance, please contact the Church Office (by email only please) with as much detail as possible, and in due course the Rector will endeavour to be of assistance. 

Please be aware that your enquiry may come at a busy time for the Rector and when he may not be able to give it the priority you wish. Please be patient. The Deanery rate for ‘Searches’ is £35 per hour or part thereof, and an appointment will be made with you, for your permission before any search commences. You will need to have the specific names of the family members you are looking for please. We also cannot guarantee that we will always be able to help you.

Recent interest in ‘ancient family history’ to trace distant ancestors and their roots can be both from locals and also those travelling to Jersey from miles abroad. Unfortunately, if requests for ancestral search appointments with the Rector and/or the Church Office, from visitors abroad to Jersey, fall at times when the Rector is off-island and/or the church office is closed, we regret we will not be able to be of assistance. It is very important that you check whether the Rector will be on the island, and also available, especially if you are travelling from abroad, a good few months in advance.


Ancient Baptism, Marriages and Burial Registers are currently held at the Jersey Archive Centre

Popular requests are to find specific information from very ancient Registers of Marriage Services, Children’s Baptisms, and especially their ancestor’s ancient burial records.

For conservation purposes, these extremely old, historical baptism, marriage and burial records from St. Ouen’s Parish Church, which are not in current use, are only lodged with the Jersey Archive Centre, in St. Helier. It is best to visit the Centre for guidance, or contact them online at the Jersey Archive Centre. We only hold burial registers from the 1860s.