Vision, Values, ‘Vie’



As a community together, we are committed upon our ongoing church vision to become a group of people that is God-centred, united by faith in Jesus Christ and led by the Holy Spirit.

At the heart of our vision is to be a Church that loves God passionately; that loves each other authentically; and that loves people who don’t know Jesus, as He would.

Out of our vision, evolves our Mission Statement:

Transforming Lives through Faith, Friendship and Following Jesus

Our Mission Statement
  1. Transforming Lives through Faith, (loving God passionately; and building and sharing our faith)
  2. Friendship (loving each other authentically)
  3. and Following Jesus (living like Jesus, and loving people who don’t know Jesus, as He would.)


Values and Beliefs

Our vision and our values go together. We understand our values to be all about our culture as a Church. They are the DNA that makes us who we are. They are the things that matter and are important to us as a group of people. Our values are to be a Church who:

  1. Seek to be making Disciples of Jesus Christ
  2. Believe the Bible is God-breathed and True, and is the highest authority on how we live our lives
  3. Practice Spiritual Authenticity throughout our lives in the way we love God, one another and those who don’t know Jesus
  4. Desire to be led by the Holy Spirit into a deeper relationship with God
  5. Commit to gather together to worship God on a Sunday morning
  6. Care and Share
  7. Give both generously and sacrificially, in terms of our Time, Talents and Treasures
  8. Create opportunities to serve and celebrate the work of our Strategic Mission Partners
Statements of Faith

In addition, as we are part of the Church of England in Jersey, we hold to the statements of faith, as detailed in the Canons of the Church of England in Jersey. These statements of faith can be broadly summarised as follows:

  1. We believe the Bible provides everything you need to know for salvation
  2. We hold to the teaching as outlined in the Ancient Creeds
  3. We believe in both the Local and Worldwide Church
  4. We celebrate two sacraments: Baptism and Holy Communion


Vie (Life)

‘Vie’ is the French word for life and it reflects the common characteristics of how we will live together (our ‘vie’) to make our vision a reality. We express our vision to love through following practices in our everyday lives related to prayer; care and share.

Prayer, Care, Share
  1. Through Prayer, we express our love for God
  2. Through Care, we demonstrate our love for one another
  3. Through Share, we show our love for people who don’t know Jesus and how much they matter to Him


Revd. Ian Pallent